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I will attempt a ramble free condensed version of my issues,I rant and rave on my other website www.chrishepburn.com

An abomination by the name of Elizabeth Gracen stole millions from my late daughters charity and myself and left me to die upon the streets of Paris.

Gracen is being protected from prosecution by Mr Cracker,Bill Clinton,not crazy man time,Google the name Elizabeth Gracen and it will confirm the Clinton connection.

Gracen did not just take my money,Gracen took my health

I will start with one last update in red a few weeks before Christmas 2017,I long for death and a release from all the pain and suffering,however all that keeps me alive is my hatred of Elizabeth Gracen and hoping I can sit in a court room and see the abomination go to jail,that is all I want in this world,seeing Gracen go to jail would be spiritually orgasmic.

Christmas came and went,but not for me,I am so fucking disgusted with those that failed me yet again,I am so fucking disgusted with this nation I am in,they have behaved like a bunch of fucking Nazis,I am so fucking disgusted with that sack of shit Moore,12 years later not even a sorry Chris,let alone how can I help.

I will not be updating this again,the text in red is my Christmas update,I am so fucking disgusted with peoples lack of honour and integrity.

Christmas  yo fucking ho ho ho but yet again no Christmas for me.

I thought Christmas  was meant to celebrate the birth of somebody that never existed or was the first grifter with Daddy is God,however that has changed to consume you mindless fucks in the name of Christ.

That fucking pariah,The Parasitic States of America has infected the planet with ignorance,vulgarity and self obsession.

America's gifts to the world are mindless drivel like Facebook and Twitter where morons can regale fellow morons with drivel.

The Parasitic Entity America has infected the planed with Mcdonald's and Starbucks that destroy the neighbourhood.

One of the most depraved and insipid companies must be Uber,they are taking food out of the mouths of the children of taxi drivers the world over that spent money complying with local legislation and in certain jurisdictions spending 100's of thousands on taxi medallions.

Uber like Apple and Amazon are fucking insipid however that is the American Way fuck over your fellow man in the name of the almighty dollar.

There is a band called Rush,whilst I would not give them any awards for humanity they never called me and said how can we help,a song by them "Closer To The Heart" alas that song is lost on The Parasitic States of America,"One Tin Soldier" and " If The Kids Are United " by Sham 69 are also lost on The Parasitic Entity,however The Parasitic Entity has an encyclopedic knowledge of " I Am An Asshole" by Denis Leary.

Talking of songs,surely it is time to retire Scott-Keys puerile vomit" The Star Spangled Banner" If Dorothy and The Straw Man are okay with it, " If I Only Had A Brain" would be the perfect National Anthem for The Parasitic States of America.

I think one of the most depraved and insipid American Companies must be change.org making money from  well meaning inept people that do not have a clue,social change comes from getting off your ass not clicking a mouse.

On a personal level I despise The Parasitic Entity known as America from my toe nails up,it has stolen 15 years of my life from me,how can I not despise it?,for 15 years I have been denied justice,Gracen has a get out of jail free card as it is sucking Clinton's putrid pox ridden dick.

I am an old man,we all have 2 choices grow old or die,I noticed a picture of Catherine Deneuve a few months ago in her day she looked wonderful,now she looks like the love child of Caliban and The Witch of Endor.

We all get old,however I had what should have been the best years of my life stolen from me by The Parasitic Entity.

America is a cancer upon the planet that fails moral and emotional integrity in every walk of life.

Just this week I emailed a legion of chimps that are masquerading as Professors of Law in the hope that they may feel some guilt or shame for failing to stand up for what is right,they did not just turn their back on me but on Children in the 3 rd world that my late daughters charity would have aided,it was their kind that did " Advanced Hand Wringing" at Evian,Fucking Vile is the only word for such people.

From that buffoon  Alan Derschowitz down the self professed arbiter of all things and his legion of wannabe tipstaff's at HLS to Asst Chimps at secondary law schools they all lack moral and ethical integrity.

In effect they are memory men of old,the kind of people one used to find at sideshows at fairgrounds they can remember statutes and case law.

However to be able to teach the moral and philosophical dynamic of law you need to be able to understand the moral and philosophical dynamic of law going back to Aeschylus's Oresteia as an example.

Such things are lost of the Chimps teaching at American Law Schools,it is the blind leading the blind,they pump out good little chimps that can bill 80 hours a week for white shoe dross and the dumb fucks will be chasing ambulances.

I only have 2 words for the Tenured Chimps at American Law Schools,"Sophie Scholl" however the moral dynamic of doing the right thing is lost on them.

I did get some advice from a sack of shit called John Chell with The New York Police Department,he told me to find a high building and jump off it,typical American ignorance.

I told Joe Reznick the head of Internal Affairs with The NYPD,not sure if Reznick is naked with a box of doughnuts,still waiting to hear what Reznick is going to do about Chell,The New York Police Department a bunch of fucking thugs in uniform.

Think of some poor soul at the end of their tether and rather than The NYPD aiding them The NYPD urge them to commit suicide,fucking depraved,however depravity is the middle name of the Parasitic States of America.

Truly America is a cancer upon the planet,if the wacko's had blown The Parasitic Entity of the planet on 911 the world would be a better place without that pariah.

I knew Brando,I was not always a homeless wretch and he was without a doubt the last honest man in The Cesspool By The Sea.

Well to quote Brando when he was talking about the progenitors of The Parasitic States of America.

" We got the dregs of European Society".

 We could also rewrite Emma Lazarus " Throw Me Your Retards Yearning To Fuck Something Up"

That  is America a cancer upon Mother Earth.

All I want is justice,I want to nail the door closed and be as shallow as Cobweb Clooney,depth and compassion got me nowhere,maybe being a male valley girl like Clooney will.

I may even sit for somebody that can do something like Roy Lichenstein,I already have the caption 

" I am as shallow as Cobweb Clooney,like totally dude'

 I just want to nail the door closed and try and finish a gothic novel I started 20 years ago.

The world is wrong The Parasitic Entity has destroyed all that is good and noble in this world.

I suggest Bonobo monkeys are smarter than American's if Bonobo's have a problem with Bonobo's in the next village they get a copy of Patsy Cline's "You Belong To Me" and head over to the next village and fuck each other senseless,Bonobo's use sex as a tool in conflict resolution,America drops bombs,who is smarter?.

America blows up non combatant children and the American Department of Terrorism,The Pentagon call it acceptable collateral damage.

A few weeks ago a wacko in NYC tried to blow something up,President Moron called him a coward,I wonder what flavor of cowardice that would be?.

Maybe it is the same flavor of cowardice displayed by the US Mil with unmanned drones where a murderer sits in a nice chair drinks coffee and in essence plays a video game where real children die in real time.

Go back to say Bosworth Field 2 sets of people made a cognitive decision meet and hack each other to pieces,children in 3rd world countries did not make a choice to be blown up by a murderer playing a video game.

It is also worth noting Richard 3rd fought alongside his men and died,he was not sitting in The White House talking shit as people died for him.

Unmanned drones are American depravity at its worst,I cannot help but wonder what Von Clausewitz would have to say about sitting in a chair playing a video game and murdering children.

America was crying in her beer over 911,I say serve them right it is nothing America has not done to others,The Parasitic Entity even codified her position as the school bully in The Monroe Doctrine.

All I want is justice and that abomination Elizabeth Gracen in jail,I want to be on the back of a horse in he middle of nowhere listening to Pachelbel's Cannon knowing Gracen is in pain in a jail cell.

All I have known since Nov 8th 2002 is pain and suffering due to Elizabeth Gracen,living under bridges in Paris like a wretch that escaped from a Delacroix painting.

2 weeks before Christmas,I do not get those my last Christmas was 2001 I started in The Pacific Sands Motel in Santa Monica a flea pit of a place and then I decamped to The Beverly Wiltshire a nice hotel with an old girlfriend,we did not share a bed we shared kind words and Santa gave me a Dupont cigarette lighter,that was my last Christmas.

I died in the spiritual sense on Christmas Day 2005 I was waiting for this woman from Idaho to arrive and help me,Christmas Day 2005 I was begging on the Blvd St Germain,I poured my heart out to this woman by email about my late daughter,about that abomination Elizabeth Gracen.

I was so sure she would have arrived that Christmas,the emails I sent her would have had a toaster in tears.

However in truth this woman is sick in the head,she has millions,she would read my emails and climb into a warm bed and sleep as I was crying myself to sleep under bridges in Paris.

I am so fucking disgusted with this woman,she owes me nothing,she took nothing from me,however somewhere within her cold depraved heart she knows I would not have failed her if she was on the streets of Paris.

12 years later has not even said sorry let alone how can I help,only one way she could help give me a check and fuck off,I carried a torch for her once now the thought of this woman makes my skin crawl.

I once thought this woman understood " Will You" by Hazel O'Connor,however in truth only 3 things this woman understands and they are ignorance,vulgarity and self obsession.

This Christmas I can think of a few things I would like,some of them rather esoteric.

I would like some Cobalt 60 and a suite in The Williard for a science project 1814 Part 2 where I am a Special Envoy to George Cockburn and we all raise a glass to Leo Szilard.

I would also like Gracen's skull as an ashtray and every time I put out a cigarette my heart and soul screams fuck you obscenity.

However thinking about it death is too good for Gracen,I want it to suffer in a jail cell where it can reflect on all the pain and suffering it has caused me.

I also wish these 2 enchanting Czech porn actresses would teach me to fuck in Czech a language I do not know a single word of.

However I would settle for some fucking teeth,I cannot even chew an apple as a lot of my front teeth have fallen out,that fucking abomination Elizabeth Gracen even took my teeth,difficult to maintain dental hygiene whilst living on the streets.

I doubt Santa will bring me any dental implants.

As for France,I am so fucking disgusted with France,I ache to go to The Elysee from and punch out that sack of shit President Blobby (Macron),the man is morally and ethically bankrupt.

The man is a fucking obscenity,there is a wacko in Norway that murdered over 70 people,they treat him better than how France treats me.

I never thought I could say such a thing,however I expect a little old lady that survived the holocaust and Vichy thugs would say the same about Pierre Laval.

If I was hunting,well I would not be hunting,I am not some NRA redneck with a small dick that sees guns as a penile extension,I am a fucked up intellectual with a medium sized dick.

However if I was hunting and I noticed President Blobby (Macron) in the cross hairs I would take the shot and take the scumbag out.

His entire administration are living in an old movie called " Regle Du Jeu" I do not take issues with that,the electorate spoke,I take issue with his lack of moral integrity.

One cannot expect any better from The Irish,they never had a Jonathan Livingstone Seagull moment,they were abused by The UK and The Church of Rome and their pissant constitution was for the most part penned by a pederast Bishop.

I was told by a Liam Ward the head of housing at Donegal County Council that we do not want niggers or your kind here.

That is Ireland for you,one cannot expect any better from them.

However I expected better from France,it was once a cultured nation,it was once the epicenter of culture.

That has long gone,France has become a nation of de facto American's that embraces vulgarity,ignorance,self obsession and moral bankruptcy as if it is a gift from the Gods.

I gave President Blobby (Macron) the chance to attempt to redeem France not only did he fail this vulgar sack of shit Agnes Buzyn,The Minister of Health cancels my welfare payment.

I am sure the sack of shit will say she she was just doing as she was told,however such a depraved defence did not work at Nurenberg and does not work now,I also cannot help but wonder what Robert Falco would say about such a depraved defence in France in 2017.

I say the woman is a fucking obscenity bereft of any moral faculty,France has learned nothing from her darkest hours,namely Dreyfus and Vichy,how many will France abuse and violate?.

I see all the drivel at the moment,France Televisions the state owned broadcaster had a telethon,ye gods that is like Hitler opening a mikvah.

France Televisions killed a news story about a woman stealing from charity,another example of the moral depravity that is in modern France.

I loved France once,Paris was my friend,lover and teacher,I had a nice apartment on The Rue Au Maire and we were writiing a gothic novel,however after all the depravity France has puked all over my heart and soul I utterly despise France and ache to leave.

It would have been kinder if France had taken me to Drancy and broke out the Zyklon B and gassed me,that would have been kinder than all the perversity and depravity that France has puked all over my heart and soul on and off for over 12 years.

For 15 years all I have found are cowards that do not want to get involved as Gracen is sucking Clinton's putrid pox ridden dick in return for a get out of jail free card.

Clinton is a fucking rapist,I have spoken or swapped emails with 13 women that Clinton has raped,there will be more.

In a just and ethical world Clinton would be tied to a pole in Sally's on W43rd,NYC for 6 months and for another 6 months to a pole in Madame Arthur's on the Warmoestraat in Amsterdam where the transgendered with a cracker fetish can fuck him.

Restorative Justice,Clinton is a rapist his victims could be your wife,mother or sister,his victims were somebodies wife,mother and sister.

I am so utterly burned out,this Christmas I have a reservation in The Danieli my favorite hotel in Venice as I have had for the last 3 or 4 Christmases,I doubt they will accept magic beans or a 3rd party post dated check in the name of Victor Lustig drawn on BCCI in Lagos.

I do not want to party,I did all of that when I was younger,I would like to check into The Danieli and sleep for Christmas,when I wake up ask the concierge where the animal shelter is and get a a couple of puppies with issues.

I could do with a one night stand with somebody that can go from Homer D'oh to Homer Kalispera,however I have no money,I can no longer do charming and trawling bars at 52 to get laid is sad and tawdry.

I just want to get my money back and nail the door closed,however if I get my money back 75 percent will go direct to the homeless in Paris in 5K chunks,The homeless in Paris have nobody.

Mayor Saco De Mierda of Paris a toxic carpetbagger should be fucking ashamed of herself,she has the audacity to call herself a socialist whilst living like Louie 16th as children cry themselves to sleep on the streets of Paris.

I want no part of this world,The Parasitic Entity has infected the planet with ignorance and vulgarity.

I was thinking about something a few days ago that speaks volumes of American ignorance,as a child I loved Star Trek,Bill Shatner is an asshole and I met Gene Roddenberry once,he was not a team player,he was busy telling me how amazing he is.

The premise is fundamentally flawed,Klingon's would be too busy kicking the crap out each other to study the sciences so they could build a spaceship.

Vulcan society could not function without emotion,also being the Captain,The Science Officer or 7 of 9's panties would be fun,however who would want to take the trash out,also the prime directive is codified cowardice.

If it was not so sad it would be funny,if there really was a Captain Picard I expect he would want to punch out the knavish sack of shit that played him one Patrick Stewart 

However I was a child not a critic,however the last 3 Star Trek movies are mindless drivel that in effect are a Tom and Jerry cartoon,chase me chase me,they did not even have real directors.

This is the world we live in,Corp Scum make drivel they call entertainment to edify the mindless.

I heard somewhere that an" Actor" called The Rock is the highest paid actor in the world,I know nothing about him,I wonder what his Hamlet was like or his Boris Trigorin or maybe his Torvald Helmer.

Corp dross hand out drivel and the mindless doff their caps and say bah,I also heard that Tarentino is going to "direct" a Star Trek movie,a talentless chimp,some fucker should give him a Super 8 camera and exile him on Elba with that has been Lucas with his latest drivel Star Wars 68 where they could shoot each other jerking off on Super 8.

I noticed all the drivel in the media about The Golden Globes,who the fuck would want one,I have an award that meant something.

At 22 when I did my first Hamlet,Sir John said it was very good for one so young,I knew him but I did not know he was in the audience,I would have been terrified performing before him,I would either have froze or started corpsing.

Sir John's words mean something,mindless drivel like a Golden Globe with semi literate self obsessed dross like Aunt Jamima aka Oprah Winfrey talking crap means nothing.

The Parasitic States of America is a fucking pariah it has infected the planet with ignorance and vulgarity,I think of countries that used to work well in Europe like SE,DK,NL.

They no longer work well,Sweden should be fucking ashamed of herself,the refused asylum to a woman that is 104,Their pissant King an inbreed called Gustav owes her an apology,I doubt she will get it,Raoul Wallenberg will be spinning in his grave at Sweden's lack of integrity.

Their pissant King must be lost in his 1400 room palace that is why he has not apologised to a little old lady.

In The NL it was once a country of tolerance and in the 80's and 90's there was such a spark of creativity in Amsterdam,now it is a country where everybody is ripping off everybody else,their largest political party comes across as if Norman Rockwell jerked off into a Petri dish and handed it to Dr Frankenstein and said make me some Politicians.

The 2nd largest political party is the party of an uneducated ignorant racist called Wilders,the kind of guy that would pull the wings off butterfly's as a child and never got laid at the school dance and carried hatred into adult life.

The way all 225 members of her Parliament have behaved suggests that in another time and place at best they would turn their back on Anne Frank and at worst they would be calling up the Nazis and saying I will tell you where Anne Frank is if you give me an I Phone.

If The Netherlands was a dog and not a country it would be taken to a vet and put to sleep and then everybody would have a good weep Requiem Eternam or say Kadish if either of those fairy tales work for you.

People would be weeping as The Netherlands like Fido were decent once,now moral bankruptcy permaetes every level of society within The Netherlands.

The last time I was there I was paid 278 Euro for a months work,that is what I got after my boss took 1200 for an 8 m2 room.

I did tell him I was not looking for a lot of money,alas he took that as a cue to rip me off,20 or 30 years ago The Netherlands would help people down on their luck,now the Netherlands fucks over people that are down on their luck.

I was not even paid for statutory holiday days.I think of how The Netherlands has changed,I worked there for the first time when I was 18 in a hotel,I will never forget what the owner said to me.

He said "if you go near my 16 year old daughter I will punch you all the way back to England,quite funny a few years later his daughter was doing skin for Eddie Lipstick,he also said I do not want you getting stoned whilst using power tools,if you have any problems talk to me I may be able to help,lastly he said lets find you a nice room as you are going to be here a while.

How things have changed,30 years later,I was charged 1200 a month for the worst room in the hotel,and I was not even paid statutory holiday days and I was paid 278 for a months work.I bear him no ill will,yes he was ripping me off,however I expect he is being ripped off by the power company,the bank,the insurance company et al.

The Netherlands was once a wonderful country,one of the first Dutch words I learned was "gezellig" De Nederlands is niet meer gezelig,everybody is ripping everybody else off.

It was a decent wonderful country once,no more and that is so sad,The Netherlands heart and soul is necrotic,the nation lacks honour and integrity and everybody is ripping everybody else off it is something of a national pastime.

She lost her integrity,she lost her sense of honour and decency.

DK another country that once worked well,ugly right wing rhetoric now and I have Emails from The Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs Chimps that lack any vestige of integrity or compassion.

The world is fucked,all I want is justice and to be able to nail the door closed and never be seen again and try and finish my book.

I have no respect for The Italian Gov,they failed me,however I have never suffered on Italian soil,I just want to get my money buy a place and nail the door closed.

Lastly I think of 3 people that have been kind to me in the last 15 years,Jean-Pierre,Carole and a British man called Carl,I would fight dragons for them and if I get my money back I will do something really over the top as a gift to thank them for their kindness.

They have a rare quality within their hearts kindness.

Carl is ill and yet he could still show a homeless wretch a little kindness,conversely I would watch anybody that failed me bleed to death and not lift a finger to help,the logic is sound,they failed to help me as I was crying myself to sleep under bridges in Paris.

I will despise those that failed me until the day I die,2 weeks before Christmas another Christmas stolen from me.

If I had the 2 years of welfare that France owes me I could have this Christmas,however I have more chance of growing wings and flying than that sack of shit Macron having a moral epiphany.

Also in 2002 a dirty cop called Kurt Banse with The RCMP stole 16K USD from me,in the last few weeks I must have emailed everybody in Canada apart from the ghost of Wilfred Laurier's cat looking for justice.

Canada has become so vacuous and self obsessed,it does not even have a real PM just a self obsessed buffoon that is dining out on his fathers name.

I am out of fucking words,I will despise those that failed me until the day I die,the one I despise most is that sack of shit Moore,12 years later no guilt or shame.

I waste my fucking time in saying this,however in closing if anybody chooses to do the right thing I can be reached at chris@chrishepburn.com or by phone at + 33 6 6994 2204

I just want to nail the fucking door closed Dec 17th 12.15 Z

All my years of hell at Gracen's hands I only learned 3 things,The Parasitic States of America is a cancer upon Mother Earth,in that pariah was a person and not a Parasitic Entity and took a PCL-R it would be considered psychotic.

I also learned there are more bad people that good people within this world and lastly I learned to hate,hatred is a learned response and I will hate those that failed me until the day I die,the one I hate the most is that sack of shit Moore,I poured my fucking heart out to her,and in actions said fuck off and die Chris.

I tried to do good in this world with a charity in my late daughters name,children should be seen as a gift,they should be taught values,respect your fellow man,how to make Con Ed's meter go backwards,go shopping for a little old lady,carry dog biscuits around in case you come across Anna Wintour and she is feeling hungry,do not fuck Stephanie Grimaldi and all kinds of things.

I never got to do that as my daughter was murdered by her own Mother.

Out of words and utterly disgusted with the vile and the vulgar,I am ill the "Medicine" I need is to go somewhere where I will be treated the right way and not abused and violated.

I am so fucking disgusted with cowards and the self obsessed,I just want to nail the door closed,never be seen again and be as shallow as Cobweb Clooney.

I tweaked this for the last time today 17 January,I am so utterly disgusted with those that failed me,I have a thought,I no longer notice women,I am no good to anybody due to that abomination Elizabeth Gracen.

I did however notice a lady a couple of months ago,I know nothing about her,she could be married,she could be gay,she could be into Clangers,at one time I would have invited her to dinner,she would have said yes or no,if it had have been a no one could not have helped saying "well would you mind standing there whilst I jerk off and imagine the sex we are not going to have in 15 perf?"

Now if I was the richest man in the world I would not ask her out,I am dead inside due to Gracen.I am out of words and utterly disgusted with those that failed me,they did not just fail me they failed children in the 3 rd world that my late daughters charity would have aided.

What the fuck would Timon say about the world today?I AM OUT OF WORDS.


I am a man of peace however I would give an arm and a leg to get my hands on that sack of shit President Blobby (Macron) I expect a sweet little old Jewish lady that survived Vichy would say the same about Pierre Laval.Macron is a vulgar vacuous buffoon lacking any depth,substance or integrity.In the metaphoric sense his mouth is full with Clinton's putrid pox ridden cock.Macron is a vulgar vacuous buffoon lacking class,style and verve in essence he is a caricature of a caricature made out of paper mache,Just yesterday I read in the French media he spent 26,000 Euro on make up.How utterly vain and ignorant,shades of " Let Them Eat Cake" Children are crying themselves to sleep on the streets of Paris and Macron is playing Louie 16th.

It is also worth noting surely 26,000 spent on make up would be better spent on Macron's geriatric wife,Macron does indeed have a strange paraphilia,gerontophilia.

Dress Granny in Channel with tax payers money she is still Granny,I guess it could be debated that spending 26,000 Euro on make up for Macron,s geriatric wife could be a social service so she does not scare small children and cute kittens.

I also see Macron's drivel in the press,I am Juptier,Excuse me whilst I vomit,his geriatric wife is certainly not Juno,however would make a good Cloacina,his entire cabinet would make perfect Lemures.

I am  also utterly disgusted with France,I ache to get out of this depraved nation,she has learned nothing from her darkest hours,Dreyfus,Vichy and now Hepburn.

How can people expect their children too grow up and be decent people when the President of France is morally bankrupt scum.

That sack of shit Macron should be ashamed of himself,however that would take depth and integrity qualities that are sadly lacking within the vacuous buffoon.

There are things in this world we will never know,what came first the chicken or the egg,who does Chelsea Clinton's husband think about when he is having sex with her,who is the manufacturer of the brown paper bag he places over her head when he is having sex with her.

However honour and integrity should not be abstract,so many people in France know of my pain and suffering and not one says to me,Chris get in the car you will be sleeping in The Danieli in Venice tonight.

All I want to do is leave and go somewhere where I will be treated the right way,Mea Culpa,I am a moron,2 gold diggers and being drawn to this depraved woman from Idaho,however I am not depraved like those that failed me are.

I am so utterly disgusted with France,Dreyfus,then Vichy and now Hepburn,she has learned nothing from her darkest hours,so many people in France know of my pain and suffering and not one says to me,my country has wronged you Chris,how can I help.

Forgetting what France owes me for reparation,however how does one put a price on all the pain and suffering France has caused me?,France owes me over 15 months of welfare.

I could treat no living thing the way France treats me,I could not be that depraved.

The world is wrong,America is a Spiritual Level 4 Pathogen it has infected the planet with ignorance and vulgarity.

The world is wrong,12 years ago I poured my heart out to a sack of shit from Idaho that has millions,I told her everything about Gracen,about my late daughter,she read my emails and climbed into a warm bed as I was crying myself to sleep under bridges in Paris,12 years later not even a sorry Chris.

The world  is wrong a new I Phone shortly,bah bah bah say the mindless,Apple should be ashamed of themselves ripping off people that are E.S.N,Apple's business model is the same as a crack dealer standing on the corner of 161 st and Broadway.

The world is wrong,I wanted to go to Jerusalem to finish my book,it is so old the walls almost talk,however Israel told me to fuck off the way the world told their kith and kin to fuck off at Evian.

Ven dos harts iz bitter keyn helft nit tsuker.

The abused have become the abusers.

The Parasitic States of America "gift" to the world is ignorance and vulgarity,America displayed her collective ignorance in electing Trump for President,he makes George Bush seem like a member of The Vienna Circle.

It Can't Happen Here Meets The Handmaids Tale,truly a nation of morons.

 It is my position that America is a cancer upon Mother Earth.We need to go back many years.

However before I go on I will mention a sack of shit a French Robber Barron called Xavier Niel,he owns a Telco called Free that in turn owns www.bookmyname.com they are cheap,however Xavier Niel is the scum of the earth.

He has " Stolen" 2 of my domains as he does not like the content,in another time and place he would pull down Jean Moulin's website as it was critical of Pierre Laval and Vichy,in another time and place he would be burning copies of Candide.Avoid www.bookmyname.com like the plague,Xavier Niel is scum attempting to censor the internet.

I once thought I loved a small time television actress by the name of Elizabeth Gracen,I am now living on the streets due to that abomination Elizabeth Gracen.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing,the only thing Gracen loved was my money.I never thought about this at the time,when one thinks they are in love they do not measure their words,I used to talk with Gracen about Classical Stage.

I was not thinking,I did my first Hamlet when I was 22 and I went to R.A.D.A in the days when it was special not a waste of a building like it is now.Granted I was kicked out,however I was good enough to get it so I could get kicked out.

My background was theatre,Gracen was a small time television actress.In my day the way one comes up is the UK is very different to the US,In the UK a good school and there were 3 or 4 and then rep.

In the US one gets off the bus in LA,flips burgers,obtains a S.A.G card and get ripped off by a legion of dross promising to turn them into the next Cobweb Clooney or Sycorax Stone.The Cesspool By The Sea (LA) lacks the class of The British Stage.

When I realized I was talking over Gracen's head I felt bad,I wanted to empower it,I wanted it to feel it was part of funding our apartment in Paris.Gracen is from Arkansas,the State is " Hick Central" and most people come across as if they are extras from the movie Deliverance.

 I had my eye on this apartment on the Ile De La Cite in Paris,I wanted Gracen to feel it was a part of funding our apartment.

I sent Gracen to LA to sell my show,The Amazing Race.Yes my show was crap,however people want crap,look at American Idol and The Kardashian's.Idiots craving their Warholian 15 mins and toxic trash like the Kardashian's.That is what the mindless want.

Well, Gracen sold my show to Mr Celluloid Vomit Jerry Bruckheimer,the man is no Fellini he produces drivel to edify morons.

I went down to LA,I was living in Vancouver at the time,I hate LA,I lived there for 2 years.I checked into Shutters a hotel I like in Santa Monica,thought wander around on the beech meet up with some people I knew in Venice and surprise Gracen and catch a flight to Paris.

There was no sign of Gracen,I could have checked credit cards and the HLR to see where it's cell phone was roaming.

However when a person thinks they are in love they trust the person they love not check up on them.

I thought it would empower Gracen,selling a show to dross in LA and closing on an apartment in Paris,things I thought would make the woman I thought I loved feel good.Women from Arkansas are more used to buying a 6 pack and a bucket of chicken for a guy called Billy Bob.

I thought Gracen would call from Paris saying I have a surprise for you.The call never came.A few days later I was driving a rental to the heliport in Vancouver to catch the chopper to Victoria.

 I was stopped by the cops and arrested,and I was off to Manitoba,I never knew Canada had places like Manitoba.The province is grim,like the American south before the 64 C.R.A,systemic racism towards native kids.I never ever knew Canada had places as vile as Manitoba.

The next thing I know I am sitting in a jail cell,I had committed no crime I was waiting for Rod Serling to step out from behind a tree.

" Chris Hepburn Has Entered The Twilight Zone"

Gracen first shared a bed with Clinton to obtain a Miss Arkansas crown.

This is well documented,it worked thusly the Governor picked the girl he liked and if she slept with the Governor she got a Miss Arkansas Crown.

Welcome to Arkansas " Here Be Crackers" kind of thing.I spent 16 months as an innocent man in a jail cell in Manitoba due to Gracen getting into Clinton's ear.Gracen is being protected from prosecution by Clinton for providing sexual favors.

That is only the start of my hatred of Gracen,the only thing Gracen ever wanted was my money.It took me so long to get it into my head Gracen was no good,for the first few weeks I thought Gracen had an accident driving to fast to get to me with a legion of attorneys that could have had the Macbeth's acquitted on Regicide.

However in truth Gracen had my money and wanted me out of the way and got into Clinton's ear and had me put in jail.Clinton bought a Judge in Manitoba called Brian Corrin.I even had 16,000 USD stolen from me by a corrupt cop with The RCMP called Kurt Banse.

I am still waiting for an apology from "La Petit Mec" in 24 Sussex that is dining out on his Father,s name.History tells us P.E.T was a man of honor and integrity,the spawn of his loins that infests 24 is not,a buffoon dining out on his Fathers name.

 I have never held US Citizenship however I was a permanent resident,my sentence was coming to an end.I thought I would be driven across the border to ND,Chicago is the closest civilization,I thought a couple of weeks " Camping" in The Drake so I could emotionally decompress.That was not to be.

I was extradited to Australia for a bad check,from over a decade earlier,this is all public record,I also expect I am the only person to be extradited for a bad check.I was told we had a trial and you were found guilty,convicts playing with a drumhead trial.

Actually worse than a drumhead trial,I was not even given the chance to defend myself.The old adage is true,the only thing wrong with Australia is Australians.

I have never hated anything the way I hate Gracen,however after hating Gracen I hate myself for loving it.I should have known better.

Since then I have either lived in hovels or on the streets.

The media have displayed a collective news Blackout,if Clinton was the only problem this would have broken a long time ago.

There are idiots like Limbargh,Beck,Hannity and O'Reilly that see Clinton as the anti Christ,I am not sure if they are idiots or only pretending to be idiots to edify the mindless with their drivel and make a sack of money.

The person I despise the most in the media is Christiane Amanpour,she has seen the blood and should do the right thing.One cannot expect any better from Murdoch's Chimps on Fox I expected better from Anampour.

Broadcast Media never had the depth of print and it has become even worse with 24 hour news networks with mindless fillers  Talking heads with limited education and limited knowledge of world affairs lurk in studios and read from an teleprompter.

However right and wrong is not about intellect it should live in a persons heart.I knew Punch at The NYT a man  of honor that bled ink,Pinch his son has no honor and is out of his depth.Katharine Graham at The Wash Post could have stopped a rhino at a 100 paces with a stare,now the post is a waste of ink owned by corp scum.I used to do a lot of freelance work for The Village Voice,it was special,it was Mailer's baby.

Now is is owned by corp scum from AZ and staffed by good little chimps that lurk in cubicles and play with crayons and doff their caps to Corp America.We also have drivel like The Daily Beast and Huffington Post,poor journalism founded by 2 hags that lack moral integrity.

News Media is no longer about integrity it is about the almighty dollar.There is also a disgusting corrupt charity that is meant to aid journalists called RSF,they have never aided anybody.

They line their pockets with donated funds.They were created by a vulgar racist sack of shit called Robert Menard.People used to donate RSF and it was going to Menard's account with UBS on the Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich.

I beg less than a mile from their office,they never aided me,they have never aided anybody.However they have a pretty website and they pontificate with such aplomb.

As I said if Clinton was the only problem this world have broke a long time ago,however my show went out on CBS and nobody wants to upset Sumner Redstone,a vile and vulgar man,a living Citizen Kane.

I would want to file an amicus brief in the court that send Gracen to jail.Motion to kiss the Judge.I am spiritually dead,I will never feel the majesty of a butterfly doing butterfly things.I died in the spiritual sense on Christmas day 2005.

There was a time when I loved France,I moved to Paris to work on a novel in 1997,that was the first gold digger Audrey Poetker a Mennonite hobby writer,I will not go into that here,I mention that on my other site.

I tried to do good in this world with a charity in my late daughters name.I only know of 2 corrupt charities CPJ and RSF however they are so many pointless charities that do nothing to help anybody.

Take Amnesty International,it does not do anything,it just authors banal report after banal report.If I had a broken leg I would a Doctor to set the bone not author banal reports about my broken leg.Also Amnesty Internationals Head Chimp is on 210,000 a year an Indian man,frankly he should be ashamed of himself.210,000 GBP would feed a lot of hungry children in India.

The same for Human Rights Watch,even their title speaks to their ineptness namely the word " Watch".Again buffoons that do nothing to help anybody just author banal reports,their Head Chimp is on 340,000 USD a year,again he should be ashamed of himself.

In The USA,The ACLU what an utter waste of money they have no sense of priority,they would be litigating over the fact that a lesbian could not go to a high school dance as Hitler marched into Poland.

In the UK Reprieve and Liberty 2 national charities that do nothing to help anybody,they babble,they pontificate and I expect they know a lot about tofu and can do The Guardian Crossword.

The Guardian being an annoying newspaper of the fake left,they pontificate but they are a punch of fakes that lack honor and integrity.

My late daughters charity only had 3 rules.

1 Feed hungry children.

2 Do not talk shit.

3 Fuck Jesus.

The 3 rd rule needs an explanation,out of all the Abrahamic Faiths nobody does hypocrisy with such aplomb as Christians.

Christ never turned his back on anybody in the Gospels if you believe that drivel and Christians say they do,however every flavor of Christianity turned their back on me.The worst of the worst is The Church of Rome,they have been doing hypocrisy since Peter had this grift going and said Jesus gave me the keys to the office.

That was the precursor to Rome's depraved doctrine and still young boys are paying the price at the hands of RC Clergy.

I was taken in by a Monastery in Solesmes,one day the Abbott asked me to do him a favor,not a problem I thought.Well he got his dick out and when I would not blow him he threw me out on the streets.The worst thing is they do not even comply with their own rules.

The rules of St Benedict State,treat guests as you would treat Jesus.Would the Abbott be saying Jesus get your ass over here and suck my cock.Christians, cannot even feed them to the lions anymore.

Everyday I think of my late daughter Anastasia Paris,the little girl that never was murdered by her own Mother.Intellectually I know there was nothing I could have done to save my daughters life,emotionally I blame myself every day for not doing something.

Maybe my late daughters charity was born out of guilt,however children in the 3rd world do not care about motivation,they do not want to post drivel on Facebook or Twitter and they do not want overpriced crap like I Phones or a Samsung S8.

That speaks to how dumb the world has become the overpriced crap does not even have a keyboard,typing on glass to write an email is a nightmare.However it works fine for a moron to press a colored button with like or follow,a chimp has object permanence and could press a colored button.if I recovered my funds 75 percent would still go to the needy,I no longer care,however those monies never belonged to me,if I was to keep those monies morally I would be as depraved as Gracen.

Those monies would go direct to the homeless in 5k chunks,the first and last thing my late daughters charity will do is fix the homeless problem in Paris.The Homeless in Paris have nobody,Hollande and Mayor Puta of Paris would not know socialism if it fell from the heavens.

There are no words,actions or deeds that would make me forgive  scum that failed me,there are certain things in this world a person only gets one chance to get right.I talked above a woman from Idaho,I once carried a torch for her,however if she turned up on my door naked,crapping bullion and doing the dance of the 7 dildos all I could say to her is

 " Fuck off you sick bitch you make my skin crawl"

In the 12 years since she failed me she never had a moral epiphany and said how can I help,she never even said sorry.

The Call Sheet in my heart knows what will become of her,a little old lady sitting alone with all of her millions a cross between Norma Desmond and Miss Havisham CCU Mr De Milne.

How anybody can be as depraved as that woman is beyond me,she read my emails with millions in the bank and climbed into a warm bed and did nothing as I was crying myself to sleep under bridges in Paris.

I think about my life,if that dumb cracker Trump had a moral epiphany he cannot sign an E.O and give me back the 15 years of my life his Parasitic Nation has stolen from me.It is over dx'ed in the US Autism that is,people do not want to accept the spawn of their loins is a moron,easier to make a medical excuse.

However if The Parasitic States Of America was a person and not a parasitic entity at best it would be considered autistic,however if it took a PCL-R or was subject to a 730 hearing it would be considered psychotic.Brando said is better when he spoke of the progenitors of The Parasitic Entity " We got the dregs of European Society " or to re write Emma Lazarus " Throw me your retards yearning to fuck something up"I despise The Parasitic States Of America from my toe nails up.

The world is wrong,I just noticed most of the Radio Stations in the UK are owned by Corp Scum where their chimps with microphones plug over produced commercial crap from the Big 4 labels.

As  Grace Slick said " We Just Want To Dance Here But Somebody Sold The Stage"

I think of charities I once respected MSF and Medicins Du Monde,yet if I was the richest man in the world I would not give them anything.They turned their back on me and the children my late daughters charity would have aided.They did not want to get involved,an historical context is cowards did not want to get involved in Vichy France,men and women of honor and integrity stood next to Jean Moulin and did what is right,just and noble.

The concept of right,just and noble is beyond MSF and Medicins Du Monde.I have for some time been emailing Diplochimps looking for somewhere where I will be welcome and treated right.That is what I crave being treated right after all of France's cruelty,perversity and depravity.Just 20 mins ago I received an email from a chimp with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.The Email was blah blah blah,the email lacked integrity,honor and compassion.The only thing that email should have said to me or anybody that has been abused and violated the way I have is can you make it to our Embassy or should we send a car.

There is a poor quality of staff the world over within The Diplomatic Corps,good little chimps that know how knives and forks work and can regale each other with twee drivel,however they are lacking in depth,substance and integrity.

I have been is touch with so many over the years going all the way to the 38 th Floor and the Head Chimp in that big building in NYC where everybody talks crap,The UN.They all speak fluent Blah blah blah.

Susan Sontag would have made a good Sec General at The UN,she called it like it was.

I knew her,she could be intense at times however she had a quality that is forbidden within The Parasitic States Of America,Integrity.

I think of the media in France,I am so fucking disgusted with them and their collective news blackout.I came across more fakes a few weeks ago a student suggested I contact a media outlet called Mediapart it is ran by a fake called Edwy Plenel,they masturbate in ink however they lack honor and integrity.

They come across as if they have been taking lessons in integrity from Julius Streicher and were created by the senior staff at The Guardian as if they had (an awful British newspaper favored by the fake left) jerked off into a petri dish and handed it to Dr Frankenstein.

Anybody running any charity should understand the people Piaf sings about in Les Momes De La Cloche,Jean-Pierre does,Idiots like Secour Catholique and Restos Du Coeur do not.

Secours Catholique hand out a cup of coffee to the homeless then return to their warm beds and tell themselves what good Christians they are as the homeless wretch is bedding down under a bridge.I have never ever come across anybody as hypocritical as Christians,they are vile.Every  flavor of Christianity turned their back on me.I guess that is not quite true,the Abbott of Solesmes Abbey got his dick out and when I would not blow him he threw me out.That is Christians for you,the vilest of the vile.

In Paris their is a sack of shit called Andre 23 The Cardinal of Paris  that lives like titled nobility,cannot even feed them to the lions any more.

Also Restos Du Coeur one would have thought that after so many years they would have figured out that the homeless need more than a meal.However a meal is better than nothing,if they had done the right thing I would have given them some money if I got my money back.However they failed moral integrity.I had an email from them years ago,we would like to help Chris,however Clinton is powerful.

Excuse me whilst I vomit,Pierre Laval was also powerful,however Jean Moulin and his contemporaries stood up for what was right.I  would not give Restos Du Coeur anything they failed moral integrity.

I utterly despair of this world we need to use 2 technical words to describe Donald Trump " Fucking Moron" however he was democratically elected,he did not take power with a gun.Personally I am glad he won as his name is not Clinton,however who the fuck in their right mind would vote for such a man.I once had a kitten with only 3 legs I got from an animal shelter on Long Island.

My 3 legged kitten would make a better President than Trump,she would not fuck anything up,she would just wander around The White House and be cute.If it was not so sad it would almost be funny shades of Monty Python,Donald Trump President,Moron with Nuclear weapons.

He is the kind of man one expects to find sitting on a bar stool in a bar in Astoria not the White House.Surely he must know that his wife is fucking his money not him,she is pretty,there are paraphilias and then there is Donald Trump.I expect she closes her eyes and thinks of Benjamin Franklin a lot of Benjamin Franklin's he is the man on the American $100 bill.If Trump had no money I doubt even an elderly hag like Maggie Smith would fuck him.

I have emailed so many people in the US looking for justice from shit kicking Sheriff's in Arkansas to The Chief Thug at The FBI Robert Mueller,I even took legal action against Muller.The Court tossed my Application for a Writ of Mandamus,it is a valid legal remedy although almost replaced by legislation.

I would not have had to apply for such a writ if Mueller in the metaphoric sense took Clinton's cock out of his mouth and did his job.

When it comes to investigative prowess the FBI are the best of the best,when it comes to ethics and integrity they are the worst of the worst.An ex friend of mine that I lost as I was a drunk between 1998 and 2002 after my daughter was murdered that is an ex FBI Agent told me the new Chief Thug at at The FBI Comey is a politician not a cop.Comey,he failed to stand up for what is right and just.

At a State level,Mr Selective Prosecution, Cyrus Vance The Manhattan DA that threw his Fathers name around to be elected,his Father was Carter's "Yes Man".The previous DA,Morgenthau was in office so long he almost wanted people to kiss his ring,however he was a man of honor and integrity.Vance always reminded me of Mutley, Dick Dastardly's side kick and Dick is the Governor lurking in Albany.Vance doffs his cap in knavish supplication to Albany every chance he gets.

Cyrus Vance would not know honor and integrity in they punched him on his nose.I want to feel again,I want to marvel at a butterfly doing butterfly things,I want to feel Blake rather than understand Blake,I want to feel Albinoni rather than listen to him.However I never will I have a cancer upon my soul by the name of Elizabeth Gracen.

I am so fucking disgusted with cowards and the self obsessed.