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I will attempt a ramble free condensed version of my issues,I rant and rave on my other website www.chrishepburn.com

An abomination by the name of Elizabeth Gracen stole millions from my late daughters charity and myself and left me to die upon the streets of Paris.

Gracen is being protected from prosecution by Mr Cracker,Bill Clinton,not crazy man time,Google the name Elizabeth Gracen and it will confirm the Clinton connection. 

I am living on the streets of Paris and Gracen is spending monies that belonged to my late daughters charity and myself.

Gracen did not just take my money,Gracen took my health.

I am not ahnedonic,however I have not known a moments happiness since Nov 8 th 2002 due to that abomination Elizabeth Gracen.

I am sure I am wasting my time saying this as I said it on my other website for years and only one man showed me any kindness,a man from Yonkers gave me 2 bucks and said get a coffee.

I hope he does not get caught,how Un-American showing a wretch kindness,The American way is kicking a wretch in the head,the American way is fuck you,fuck everybody,we are vile,vulgar and self obsessed.

However if anybody can show a homeless wretch any kindness my Paypal email address is LOSTSOMEWHERE@PROTONMAIL.COM 

Bonobo Chimps have more of a sense of moral Faculty than America,if Bonobos have a problem with Bonobo's in the next village they get a copy of Patsy Clein's " You Belong To Me" and head over to the next village and fuck each other senseless.

Bonobos use sex as a tool in conflict resolution,America drops bombs on innocent children then the American Department Of Terrorism,The Pentagon call it Acceptable Collateral Damage.

I see all the drivel coming out of America,The Parasitic Entity,John McCain has died,the mindless are calling him a hero.

Shades of The Emperor with no clothes,John McCain was a toxic fake that turned his back on children my late daughters charity would have aided,he lurked with a troop of chimps in The US Senate and once in awhile the Democrat chimps and the GOP chimps threw their shit at each other.

GOP,Democrat,they are all the fucking same,vulgar self serving scum that would not know honor and integrity if it fell from the heavens and landed before them.

They all lack moral integrity,ME,MYSELF AND I is their collective clarion call.

Last Update  Mid November

I  will despise those that turned their back on me until the day I die,rather than rant about that I will share words of wisdom from Martin Niemoller.

First they came for The Trade Unionists and I did not speak out as I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for The Socialists and I did not speak out as I wasnot a Socialist.

Then they came for The Jews and I did not speak out as I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me,and there was no one left to speak for me."-

Almost another year of my life France has stolen from me,Christmas next month I expect France will steal this Christmas from me as it has stolen so many Christmas's from me.

My only chance of getting off the streets for Christmas is for somebody to help me,given what I have seen Cobweb Clooney has more chance of doing Hamlet than I have of finding kindness and integrity.

One cannot expect any better from the Irish I however expected better from France is was once a civilized nation.

A few nights ago I was in a cheap hotel,2 channels for morons M6 and TF1 and I cannot watch France Televisions they are scum that have my blood all over their hands by killing this story.

I downloaded an enchanting old French movie " Zazie Dans La Metro " a wonderful old movie, took a long time to download as only a few people were seeding it.

However 1000's of people seeding mindless drivel like Mustard-Seed Cruise in Mission Impossible.

Seemingly the Sciencetologists re wired his cock he is no longer a Raging Queen that craves group sex with Captain Kirk,The Fonz and Larry H Parker,shame they could not give him any acting lessons.

America has infected the planet with ignorance and vulgarity America is a CANCER upon the planet.

Autism is over DX in The US,parents want a label they cannot accept Little Tommy is a moron,however in The USA was a person and not a parasitic entity it would be considered autistic,if it took a PCL-R or was subject to a 730 hearing it would be considered psychotic.

Trump is loud,vulgar and ignorant,but that is America loud,vulgar and ignorant,the alternative is just as bad ,The Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi ,the so called Vox Populi,the woman is vile,what she has spent on Cosmetic Procedures would feed a lot of kids in the 3 rd world.

A  young girl like Zazie today would be screaming for an i phone and would not be interested in Barbes the area of Paris she was in,she would want to go to this awful toxic underground mall at Les Halles.

This world is so very wrong,America has destroyed everything that is good and noble in this world and replaced it with ignorance and vulgarity.

France is awash with American vulgarity,I see in the French media online within French sentences in English " Its Black Friday" well I am an atheist but there is something so fucking insipid about mindless consumerism in the name of Christ.

What would Charles Swann say about the mindless running up and down The Rue Du Rivoli buying crap and saying Its Black Friday.

Utterly disgusting America has propagated her vulgarity and ignorance globally,how about a " Lets Be Nice To Each Other Friday" how un American is that,America is a cancer upon Mother Earth.

Even countries that used to work no longer work,The Netherlands 30 years ago a wonderful country,now they are vile and vulgar a nation of de facto American's.

I was told by a Femke Halsema The Mayor of Amsterdam there is nothing she can do about the sexual abuse of a young boy,she is not very bright,however right and wrong is not about intellect.

In this day and age if Anne Frank sought help in The Netherlands at best The Dutch would turn their back on her,however they are more likely to call up The Nazis and say I will tell you here she is if you give me an I Phone.

Sweden,well Raoul Wallenberg will be spinning in his grave at Sweden's lack of integrity,America has infected the planet with vulgarity and ignorance and the mindless are clutching their I Phones posting drivel on Facebook and offering fealty to The Parasitic States Of America.

Canada does not even have a real PM just a toxic little boy dining out on his Fathers name.

Canada's heart and soul is necrotic,as a nation she is morally bankrupt,15 years ago a corrupt cop stole 16,000 USD from me,emailed a lot of Lawyers they are not interested ,not enough money to interest them,doing the right thing as it is the right thing is beyond them.

There is a cancer upon the planet and the name of that cancer is AMERICA.

Gallows Humor to make a valid point there is somebody in Paris 20 years younger than I am,if I was not a basket case and she was not morally bankrupt I would love to play Albinoni's Adagio on her clit with my tongue.

However in truth what I would like to do today is have a coffee with somebody with a moral backbone and kvetch about the lack of integrity within this world.

If Father Christmas was real and he said I could ave anything in France my request would be to go mano a mano with that scum Macron,as Head Of State he owes me for France depravity.

I would give an arm and a leg to get my hands on that sack of shit Macron.

All the years of my life France has stolen from me gone forever.

Not only does France fail to pay her dept this toxic hag Agnes Buzyn cancels my welfare payment.

I am so fucking disgusted with France.

All I want in this world is that abomination Elizabeth Gracen in jail and to go somewhere where I will be treated the right way.

I am so ill,so utterly burned out with France's depravity and cruelty.

I keep hoping somebody will say to me it is disgusting how my country has treated you Chris,how can I help,it will never happen I have waited 13 years for somebody to say that,I do come across scum at time that thing I am one of Pavlov's puppies.

I keep hoping a woman from Idaho that failed me a woman I poured my heart out to about Gracen and my late daughter will feel some guild and same and help me,it will never happen,she lacks the moral faculty.

13 years later she has not even sent an email and said sorry.

I am so very ill,I will despise those that failed me until the day  I die,the one I despise the most is a vulgar woman from Idaho,I just want to nail the door clised,be as shallow as Cobweb Clooney and try and finish a book I started 20 years ago.

I am ill,I cannot even go to a bar and get laid,I have no money,I can no longer do charming and even if I could trawling the bars at 53 to get laid is sad and tawdry.

My last sentence all I want in this world is that fucking abomination Elizabeth Gracen in jail.

I want to sit under a tree listen to Pachelbel's Cannon and know Gracen is suffering in jail.

I would like my first Christmas in 15 years.

Kindness,Decency and compassion is what my heart and soul has sought for 15 years.

I just want to nail the door closed,never be seen again and be as shallow as Cobweb Clooney,however I would not want to be as vile as he is,something so American and insipid about using ones position within the public eye to convince morons to buy over priced coffee machines.

Its Black Friday,buying Norplant for that fucking pariah America would be a wonderful idea,it has taken all the moral integrity out of this world and replaced it with vulgarity and ignorance.

My last sentence,if anybody has a moral epiphany start by saying,how can I help Chris.

Everything below predates this,I am out of words and so fucking disgusted with France.


I will put my hands in the air  and shout Mea Culpa,I am an idiot,2 gold diggers and being drawn to a vile and vulgar woman from Idaho.

However I am not cruel and depraved like those that failed me,anybody that can ignore a fellow human being in pain is the scum of the earth,no redemption is possible.

Not ego,not how dare you ignore Chris's pain it is how dare you ignore a human being in pain.

I think of a vile woman from Idaho,that has millions,I gave her the chance to redeem herself and she failed,integrity and compassion should not be optional.

To those that turned their back on me and on the children my late daughters charity would have aided,Melville said it better.

" For hates sake I spit my last breath at thee"

Why?,honor and integrity suggests there is only one thing a human being should say to a fellow human being in pain,and that is how can I help.

Any other response is disgusting,vile,vulgar and tref,it is also unforgivable,there are certain things in life you only get one chance to get right.

3 people in 15 years were kind to me,brotherly love lives in my heart towards Jean-Pierre,Carole and Carl,those that failed me,if they were bleeding to death before me all I could say is fuck off and die where were you when I needed help?.

Kindness and compassion such emotive words,all but removed from this world by The Parasitic States of America,go shopping for a little old lady,help the wretch of the streets and gallows humor,carry dog biscuits around on the off chance you come across Anna Wintour  and she is felling peckish.

All I have wanted to do all of these years is get out of France scrub the stench of their depravity from my heart and soul and to go somewhere where I will be treated the right way,not abused and violated the way France has abused and violated me for so long.

I watched a wonderful movie,Sarah's Key,food for thought,it was the Agnes Buzyn's of this world that were behind the Vel d'Hiv round up,then their dark and depraved hearts said " We were just doing what we were told"

Agnes Buzyn is a toxic vulgar Minister that cancelled my welfare payment.

In another time and place Agnes Buzyn would have been a Vichy puppet and would have sent the Jews to the camps to be slaughtered,a vile and vulgar woman totally lacking in honor and integrity.

My late daughters charity that Gracen stole from only had 3 Rules.

1 Feed Hungry Children

2 Do Not Talk Crap.

3 Fuck Jesus.

The last thing kids in the 3 rd world need is Christian Hypocrisy.

So many charities should be ashamed of themselves,I only know of 1 corrupt charity,rsf.org,frankly 36 should investigate them for fraud.

Robert Menard has millions stashed away in Switzerland from donated funds and Christophe Deloire is morally bankrupt scum that has the ethical sensibilities of Julius Streicher.

RSF do nothing to help journalists,all they do is line their own pockets and talk shit.

I begged 10 mins away from their office for years and they did not even bring me a coffee.

One charity I once respected a great deal was Doctors Without Borders however if I was the richest man in the world I would not even give them an aspirin as they turned their back on me.

However so many inept charities take Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch,they should be ashamed of themselves,they do nothing about the problem any problem they just pontificate ad nauseam and author banal reports.

Salil Shetty the CEO of Amnesty International is on 210,000 GBP a year,he should be absolutely ashamed of himself taking that from donations from the well meaning inept.

Today I see they are denouncing The Death Penalty in FL,YAWN,Well Jean Moulin,Nicole Minet and Lepa Radic did not denounce anything,they got off their ass and did something.

Getting off your fucking ass and doing something,there is a concept for you!.

I am so utterly screwed up,however I could not cash a paycheck of 210k a year from donated funds to talk crap like Sahil Shetty does,that money would feed a lot of children in India.

Ken Roth The CEO of Human Rights Watch in on 450,000 USD they are fucking obscenities that lack honor and integrity and they should be ashamed of themselves.

The well meaning inept that donate to idiots like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch think they are helping people when in effect they are lining the pockets of scum like Salil Shelty and Ken Roth.

Ken Roth, the poor bastard maybe he does not have a Chagall,well children in the 3 rd world do not even have ORS that saves lives,you can buy a lot of ORS for 450,000  USD

it is the middle of August another summer France has stolen from me,France even took my teeth from me difficult to maintain dental hygiene whilst living on the streets.

fucking ache to get out of France and go somewhere where I will be treated the right way.

There is a fucking abomination of a Minister in France called Agnes Buzyn that cancelled my welfare payment.

Agnes Buzyn is the scum of the earth,what she did to me is akin to finding a bleeding man pleading for help and kicking that man in the head rather than aiding him.

In a just and ethical world Agnes Buzyn would be tied to a tree and flogged,her head would be shaved and she would be put in a cage at The Memorial Des Martyrs,she has behaved like a fucking Nazi.

There is a poem by Robert Desnos inscribed on the wall there,one line 

"  Il me reste d'etre l'ombre parmi les ombres" "All I have left is to be a shadow among the shadows" 

All I have been for years is a shadow due to France raping my soul daily and taking my dignity from me.

A couple of weeks ago I emailed Buzyn and gave her the chance to redeem herself and pay me the welfare France owes me,she did not pay me.

I am sure she  would say she was just doing what she was told,however I doubt Henri Varbes would accept that.

If this breaks and I am true to my words and give 75% of recovered funds to the homeless my words will carry a certain weight,I will use those words to verbally eviscerate Buzyn,Macron will throw her to the wolves and blame her,Macron would have thrown his granny under a soviet tank in Budapest in 56 to get away.

I have been in touch with most of Macrons Chimps,The Minister of Culture,Excuse me whilst I vomit,she looks as if she was dressed by Hilda Ogden.

To borrow from the late and great Douglas Adams," Zaphod Beeblebrox voted the worst dressed sentient being in the known universe 7 times"

Whoever voted never saw Francoise Nyssen,The French Minister of Culture,a dreary old hag,given Macron is afflicted with gerontophilia did she blow him for the job?

The woman is so dull and dreary and lacks moral integrity,I doubt George Sand would invite her over for a fuck.

I would give my grandma's wooden leg to get my hands on Macron.

I want to stand before him toe to toe and say how tough are you one on one you low life cunt.

As Head Of State he owes me for all the years of my life France has stolen from me,as Head Of State he is responsible for France raping my soul daily and taking my dignity from me.

Macron has no substance,clearly he has issues with gerontophilia,look at his wife,talk about mutton dressed as lamb.

Macron has no substance and comes across as a self assembly President they got from IKEA.

It is not about political beliefs,De Gaulle and Mitterrand were diametrically opposed politically,however they were men of substance.

The last 3 Presidents of France before Macron  lack substance and I would not piss on VGE if he was on fire,he turned his back on me and on the children my late daughters charity would have aided.

However Macron is the worst of the worst,a vacuous man without honor and integrity.

This would be funny if it was not so sad,shades of Monty Python and The Minister Of Silly Walks,France has a Minister Of Talking Crap,an inept woman called Marlene Schiappa.

She is the Minister Of Equality,Ye Gods,excuse me whilst I vomit,that money would be better spent aiding abused women.

If De Gaulle,Mitterrand and Charles Swann were sitting on a heavenly cloud looking down on France and Macron's inept administration they would be in tears.

France owes me for the years of my life she stole from me not only does France fail to pay punitive damages she owes me that sack of shit Agnes Buzyn cancels my welfare payment.

I did nothing wrong to France,I would have been her friend until I was old and grey,however France has abused and violated me for years as a favor for Clinton.

Look at the man,he is a rapist that comes across as a used car salesman and this is the man people are doing favors for.

I have spoken with or swapped emails with 13 women Clinton has raped and there will be more.

Gracen first shared a bed with Clinton to obtain a Miss Arkansas crown,however the only part Gracen even had with more than 3 lines Clinton got her to keep it quiet that he once raped it.

This is the man people are doing favors for,a toxic rapist,I am getting old and I am a man of peace,however I would take Clinton on with one hand tied behind my back.

Every day France rapes my soul and takes my dignity from me,all I have wanted all these years is to be treated the right way.

For years I hoped somebody in France would be disgusted at how their country has treated me and come to my aid,it never happened and it never will.

I am ill,the " Medicine"I need is not in a Merck,the " medicine" my heart and soul craves is being treated the right way and day after day,week after week,month after month,year after year France abuses and violates me,Buzyn will not even give me the welfare payment I am legally entitled to.

Dreyfus,Vichy and now Hepburn,they have learned nothing.

All I want to do is go somewhere where I will be treated the right way,not abused and violated as France has abused and violated me for years.

I long for death and a release from all the pain and suffering but there is something I want more that abomination Elizabeth Gracen in jail.

I maintain lower brain function operating on adrenaline and a hatred of Gracen.

All I want in this world is Gracen in jail,however even that would be a Pyrrhic Victory as I will never know love or hear a child say Dad,Gracen killed that part of me.

My heart and soul laments the spiritual and moral death of the planet.

I use the word soul to mean a sense of self not Christian Judaic drivel.

I am not a man of faith so no point in saying Kaddish or Requiem Eternam,I would like to get on a horse  or a Ducati Monster and never be seen again.

There is a cancer upon the planet,a pariah and her name is America,it has destroyed everything good and noble in this world and propagates her ignorance and vulgarity on a  global level in essence America is a spiritual L4 Bio-Haz.

They declared their collective ignorance in electing a moron for President Trump makes George Bush seem like a member of The Vienna Circle.

I will not rant,however to make a point President Moron has decided a man in Turkey is innocent.

I know nothing about the case,however Turkey or any country should have sovereignty over judicial process within their own country.

As President Moron was issuing his de facto Certiorari  re Turkish judicial process the state of Nebraska murdered a man closer to DC an innocent man by the name of Mumia Abu -Jamal  rots in jail.

I also see all the drivel about Trumps's lawyer,a Cohen that was not a Kohen but a shyster,Trump lacks the class to take responsibility  for his actions,the fault lies with the puppeteer not the puppet,as for paying women off,if Trump had no money I doubt ever Maggie Smith or Angela Lansbury would fuck him.

As for Robert Mueller,cut from the same cloth as Heinrich Himmler,I filed a writ of Mandamus with Mueller named as the respondent,it was tossed,a disgusting man that lacks honor and integrity.

It is also worth noting "President Uncle Tom" did not free Abu-Jamal,truly America is a cancer upon Mother Earth.

tend to think Dr King would be in tears if he was still alive that the first black President was an ineffectual buffoon,the man had no integrity or honor and was very pedestrian.

I do not agree with Louis Farrakhan's antisemitism and he turned his back on me and on children my late daughters charity would have aided,however he has fire in his heart.

President Uncle Tom was plodding and dull,a man that could not organize a piss up in a brewery,maybe he should marry Jesse Jackson,adopt a Chinese baby and fuck off to Vermont,2 buffoons living in bliss.

In Australia, a man  of the cloth,Rome's depraved cloth sexually abused children but does not go to jail.

There is a Czech porn actress Nessa Devil,I would walk over hot coals to get into her panties,a sexual urge,let Priests fuck,let them embrace their sexual urges then maybe they would not be fucking young boys.

There is no biblical or doctrinal reason for celibacy,in fact Timothy states the opposite,Unius Uxoris Vir.

Catholic Celibacy is about money.

Priestly celibacy goes back to a land grab codified in the Council of Trent.

Well this man does not go to prison but gets to serve his sentence at home,utterly depraved shades of Roma Locuta,Causa Finita.

Widow Twankey AKA the Pope could do a lot about sexual abuse by telling Priests to go and fuck those nuns,celibacy was a land grab nothing more so property would go to the church not the wife.

Do you not just love the Church of Rome,an abomination.

A few years ago I was in Solesmes Abbey in France seemingly The Abbott is into Basket Cases, he threw me out as I would not suck his cock,I am old enough to tell him to fuck off,young children the world over that were sexually abused by RC clergy are not.

I remember a Priest there a Father Michael Bozell,for some reason I thought his name was Rozell not Bozell,I liked him,he is the brother of a redneck media pundit in the US,I never knew that at the time as I would have been making fun of his brother.

Not in a nasty way,I liked Michael,however he has still not apologized over how Solesmes Abbey treated me.

That is The Church Of Rome for you,ignorance,vulgarity and simony,they have been selling snake oil for 2000 years.

Plenty of injustices in this world that should be addressed in a learned manner before President Moron tells Turkey how to run their courts.

He is a man utterly lacking in education,style or class.

America,the parasitic entity telling anybody how to do anything is like the guy that flips burgers at Mcdonald's telling a noted chef what to do.

I also note President Moron's ugly racist rhetoric,personally I think it is a shame that the descendants of Geronimo cannot start deporting crackers,President Moron and The AG a cracker from AL would be the first to go.

President Moron is like his hotels,loud and vulgar, in NYC,The Pierre and The Plaza have class,Trumps hotels are garish lacking style and come across as if designed by Le Corbusier after dropping some bad acid.

If all the nuts and bolts in Trump's ugly hotels that were put there by undocumented foreign nationals were removed his hotels would fall down.

I wonder if President Moron is even sentient using the clinical definition of sentience,does he know he is a moron,surely he must know his wife is fucking his money and not him,there are paraphilias and then there is President Moron.

My heart goes out to the bimbo,President Moron is horny,Quelle Horreur.

She is a gold digger,however if fucking President Moron was suggested as a punishment the chimps at the ACLU would be choking on their tofu and screaming about the 8th.

I hate America,The Parasitic Entity from my toe nails up,all I want is justice and that abomination Elizabeth Gracen in jail.

How can I not hate America The Parasitic Entity,it has stolen 15 years of my life from me,it is part of the human condition to hate what or whom abuses and violates them.

Last week I emailed the Number 2,3 and 4 at The Department of Justice pleading with them for justice,nothing.

I cannot figure out The AG'S email or maybe he cannot read after all he is from AL,think dueling banjo's from deliverance,that is AL the state is the cracker capitol of the US.

I pleaded with them for justice,I wanted to scream fuck you and fuck the horse you rode in on,however I was polite to people I hate pleading for justice.

USC 18 is Black Letter Law,I pleaded with them for justice,nothing in another time and place they would have penned the enabling act without batting an eye.

There was a wise man called Hartley Shawcross The British Prosecutor at Nuremberg that said " There comes a time when a man must refuse to answer his leader if he is also to answer to his conscience "

His wise words are totally lost on the US Solicitor General,The Deputy Attorney General and The Associate General,they are men without honor and integrity.

Truly I despise America,it has stolen 15 years of my life from me,for what so Clinton can have his pox ridden cock sucked by a 2 bit actress,that abomination Elizabeth Gracen.

All I want is justice,that abomination Elizabeth Gracen in jail.

Justice,I can go back to Thomas Aquinas,Edward Coke and could debate Halachic Law,however I will use earthier terms,All I want in this fucking world is that abomination Elizabeth Gracen in jail.

I see today Kofi Anan died,De Mortuis Nihil Nisi and all of that,however he was a nice buffoon that got to play on the 38th floor,all he did was talk crap,his middle name was ineffectual.

Susan Sontag would have made a good Secretary General,she called it as it is,I could see her banging The Israeli Ambassadors and The Palestinian Ambassadors heads together and telling them to play nice.

I knew her a woman of substance,Anan had no substance,a nice buffoon,nothing more,nothing less.

last week I emailed this actress from Idaho,she was once in the public eye big time but has been thrown on the scrap heap due to her age.

Years ago I poured my heart out to her about Gracen and my late daughter and she failed me,this woman has millions but failed me.

I emailed her again and pleaded with her,to feel some guilt and shame and help me,once again her actions or rather lack of actions said fuck off and die Chris.

For all of her money,she has no integrity or decency,one cannot buy that at Harry Winston's and at the end of the day White Trash in Chanel is still White Trash.

When she is old and grey sitting alone in Idaho with all her millions a cross between Norma Desmond and Miss Havisham she will remember Chris The Basket Case.

I was genuine,I was real,I talked to her not her money and she in effect said Fuck Off and Die Chris,an utterly depraved woman.

I wanted her to say sorry Chris let me help you,I will SWIFT you tomorrow,she owes me nothing,however somewhere within her dark heart she knows I would not have failed her if she was on the streets,somewhere within her dark heart she knows I would have been there for her if she needed me

I cannot understand how anybody can be so fucking depraved as her,I poured my heart out to her,about Gracen,my late daughter she would read my emails and do nothing,then climb into a warm bed and sleep as I was crying myself to sleep under bridges in Paris.

I once thought she understood Hazel O'Connors Will You,expecting her to understand that is like expecting The Bitch of Buchenwald to open a Mikvah.

I am ill,I wanted to check into my favorite hotel in Venice,The Danieli,scrub the stench of France's depravity from my heart and soul and sleep for a week,once again she said fuck off and die Chris,there was no guilt or shame over her earlier lack of moral integrity.

This world is so wrong,America,The Parasitic Entity has infested the planet with vulgarity and ignorance.

Trump is the perfect picture of his vulgar nation,he comes across as a composite of Iago,Angello,Tamora,and Caliban.

Brando summed up America in a perfect manner when he said " We got the dregs of European Society"I say the same in a different manner.

White Trash begets White Trash and Trump is the personification of White Trash.

see the drivel about Fake News,Journalism was my background,today it lacks integrity.

Fake News,well what about Moron News,Fox News is Moron News.

I also notice broadcast news,it is fucking awful,no depth,talking heads that lack learning and depth.

I am utterly disgusted with the media,I knew Punch at The NYT he offered me a job at 27,I turned him down,I preferred to work freelance.

The vile spawn of his loins,Pinch has my blood on his hands and the blood of children in the 3 rd world that my late daughters charity would have aided,he killed a news story about that abomination Elizabeth Gracen stealing from my late daughters charity.

At The Washington Post,Kate Graham did not suffer fools gladly and could stop a rhino at a 100 paces with a stare.

Today The Washington Post is a waste of ink owned by Robber Barron Dross and Marty Barron the Editor is the scum of the earth that seemingly has been taking lessons in integrity from Julius Streicher as he also killed the story about Gracen stealing from my late daughters charity.

If Punch and Kate Graham were still alive this story would have broke years ago and Gracen would be in jail and I would be in Italy trying to finish my book.

Both Punch and Kate were people of integrity.

Today my old metier, print journalism lacks depth and integrity,good little chimps lurk in cubicles, play with crayons and doff their caps to Corporate America.

The Village Voice,in NYC it was once special,it was Mailer's baby,I knew him,he was a gentleman.

I did a lot of Freelance work for them,integrity was a cornerstone of journalism then.

Now it is owned by corporate  dross from AZ and staffed by good little chimps  that masturbate in ink,I even had one of their chimps mock my pain and suffering.

I never did this,however in my day if a Journalist went after Nike calling them scum that utilize sweat shop labor,well that journalist would have got a pat on the back by the Editor.

Today,that Journalist would be told off ,we have Ad Revenue to consider.

On a personal level I am so fucking disgusted with both print and broadcast media,most of them know what this is about and they all turned their back on me.

We have the moron press like The Sun in the UK ,Bild in Germany and De Telegraff in The Netherlands.

We also have titles favored by the fake left like Volkskrant in The Netherlands and La Monde in France and my pet hate The Guardian in the UK.

We need 4 technical words to describe Katharine Viner the Editor of The Guardian " Scum Of The Earth"

Forgetting titles for morons and titles for the fake left,that leaves a lot of alleged journalists,they all turned their back on me and children in the 3 rd world my late daughters charity would have aided.

I did a Masters in Journalism,in truth it is not a real Degree ,all you have to do is pay your fees,turn up and not fuck the Dean's wife or daughter.

I remember Professors talking about ethics in Journalism,no such thing any more,is about the almighty dollar and good little knavish chimps with crayons.

I have not bought a paper in over a year,the last paper I bought was Le Figaro,however Le Figaro and its Head Chimp Alexis Brezet said fuck you Chris when I sought help.

We also have scum like Serge July,the darling of the Fake Left in France,July is a man without honor and integrity.

I look at Moron News,people like Glenn Beck,Bill O'Reilly,Rush Limbargh,Tucker Carlson,it poses the question are they really morons or are they only pretending to be morons to make money and edify the mindless.

I once hoped RT,Al Jaz and France 24 would have done the right thing,there format is tabloid and RT should be ashamed of themselves taking mindless ads,however they all turned their back on me and the children my late daughters charity would have aided.

Only one word for the media today,SCUM and I was one of them but I had something they no longer have and that is integrity.The one I despise the most is Christiane Amanpour,she has seen the blood and should know right from wrong.

I am a man of peace and I have never hit a woman,however if I could have a sex change for the day so I could punch out Amanpour I would.

My blood and the blood of children in the 3 rd world that my late daughters charity would have aided is all over her hands.

The Parasitic Entity America,the whole world should get together and built a wall around it. 

I see a third of the planet are self professed morons with Facebook Accounts,a platform where morons can regale fellow morons with drivel.

If The Feds tried to set up a relational database like Facebook The Chimps at the ACLU would be chocking on their tofu,Facebook has created a monster that The FBI,The Agency and The NSA could not have dreamed off a global relational database.

The morons say bah bah bah and enter personal information.

America  is a cancer on the planet.

The only news that I want is that abomination Elizabeth Gracen is in jail.

All the media failed to do the right thing,who does the right thing anymore?.

A name I remember is Sophie Scholl,she died standing up for what was right,a young girl stood up to the Nazis and was murdered by Nazis.

Another person I will never forget who's actions were profound ,he was not real,he was created by writers in the early 80's,he was a character in a science fiction mini series that was very good called V.

His name was Abraham Bernstein,he had seen it all before,there was a scene when a kid was spray painting a V on the wall,Abraham takes his hand and says like this and sprays V for Victory on the wall.

If Abraham had have been real and I was there I would have said to him 

" Nisht Gedeiget",I am with you Abraham,Nisht Gedeiget means do not worry.

I wanted to go to Jerusalem to try and finish my book,the walls are so old they almost talk,what did Israel say to me " Ver Derharget" The world is fucked,all I want is justice and that abomination Elizabeth Gracen in jail,I want to go somewhere where I will be treated the right way and try and finish my book that I started 20 years ago.

Being  treated the right way should not be a lot to ask,however it is,day after day France rapes my soul.

I am a man of peace,however from my toe nails up I ache to get my hands on Macron,he has behaved like a fucking Nazi.

I see  how dumb the world has become a piece of crap released last week a Samsung Note,a 1000 Euro for a toy that does not even have a keyboard and where the fuck do you put the FP4.

If they charged a 20 euro moron tax on those and I Phones that money could help a lot of children in the 3rd world.

I want to nail the door closed never be seen again and try and finish my book.

There are 2 books,I doubt I will ever be able to finish the one I truly want to finish a Gothic Vampire novel I started 20 years ago in The Marais,

I could write drivel like Dan Brown or 50 shades of grey,however I can no longer conjure up Proustian Sentences,Gracen destroyed that man.

There is one book I could write think The Comedie Humaine meets George Carlin,I was trying to shop it around.

Trying to get sense out of Thomas Rabe the Head Chimp at Bertelsmann is like banging my head against the wall,all he had to say is No Chris,he did not have to turn it into Der Ring Des Nibelungen.

All I want is peace and quiet and to go somewhere I will be treated the right way,not abused and violated day after day like France has done for so long.

I will hate those that failed me until the day I die,however I do not want to fight with them,I just want to nail the door closed and emotionally decompress.

I would prefer to thank people for doing the right thing,however in all of these years of hell at Gracen's hands only 3 people have shown me kindness.

I think of Jean-Pierre,I love this man like a brother,I would march through the gates of hell clutching Von Clausewitz if he needed me.

If I get my money back I want to buy him a shiny red Ferrari to thank him for all his kindness,I want to have it delivered by a helicopter I cannot fly one,I can fly a plane.

I want to load up a DC3 cargo with tennis balls with smiley faces on them.

I  want to call him up and say do you like tennis then drop thousands of tennis balls with smiley faces on his house,then the chopper arrives with his Ferrari

Pour Vous Mon Ami!!!!!.

I want to make him smile,he has been so kind to me,in essence he said live Chris,that toxic bitch from Idaho  with millions in essence said die Chris.

I want to make people that helped me smile,however in 15 years there has only been three people.

There was Carl from The UK,he has issues with MPD and messed up with Rome's drivel,I do not know what I can do for Carl,but I want to do something.

Carl had Rome's drivel beaten into him,everything is a sin,there are 2 enchanting American porn actresses Ana Foxx and Annabell Peaks,I do not know them,just really cute,paying a producer to let Carl star in a porno with them would make him smile,I think.

I will never forget Carl,I was back in London living on the streets,Camden Council had a legal responsibility to house me but Camden Council treated me like shit,Carl paid for me to spend Christmas in a hotel.

Then there was Carole a waitress in Menton in her 30's,I was on the streets and every day she would come out of her cafe take my hand and and say are you okay and pass me a sandwich,her husband also gave me a coat,again I do not know what but I want to do something over the top to thank her if I get my money back.

I want to thank people that helped me,however in 15 years only 3 to thank,if anybody that failed me was bleeding to death before me and sought my help,all I could say is fuck off and die obscenity,where were you when I needed help.

To use a metaphor if somebody gave me a slice of pizza during my darkest hours I would give them a dozen pizza's if I get my money back.

However to those that turned their back on me all I will ever say to them is fuck off you low life cunt,you make my skin crawl

There was a time I wanted to do things,I wanted to do Lear,the role always scared the crap out of me,I wanted to climb the North Wall,gallows humor I wanted to become a lesbian to get Jodi Foster into bed.

Now all I want to do is nail the door closed and be as shallow as Cobweb Clooney,depth and compassion got me nowhere,maybe being a Male Valley Girl like Clooney will.

I look at the systemic moral decline in the world today,I think of countries that used to work no longer work.

30 years ago The Netherlands was a decent country,today The Netherlands has become such a self obsessed nation.

If Anne Frank sought help today at best the Dutch would turn their back on her but are more likely to call up The Nazis and say I will tell you where Anne Frank is if you give me an I Phone.

I came across a Dutch child molester,I emailed the Chief of Police,Politicians,the child molester is not a powerful man,he is a hick that owns a small hotel that his father gave to him.

I have an email from one of the Mayor of Amsterdam's Chimps telling me there is nothing she can do about the sexual abuse of a young boy.

 The cops cannot be bothered to get off their ass and do anything neither can the politicians,that is The Netherlands today.

When I was back in London it was utterly disgusting the way Camden Council treated me,historically going back to the 80's and The Loony Left they have always been The Village Idiots,however I could not treat my enemy's dog the way they treated me.

They had a statutory obligation to house me,they did not house me,all I got was buffoons asking how do you feel today?.

I felt like screaming how do you think I feel you mindless fuck,I am living on the streets like a Hogarthian wretch.

Alas I was not a one armed lesbian from some 3rd world hell hole,if I was no doubt they would have given me the keys to the Kingdom,I also expect the Mayor would have ate my pussy as a welcome to Camden.

Well a few weeks ago a friendly but inept Cllr emailed me,she was the only friendly Cllr but an utter buffoon.

I emailed the current Mayor of Camden,her antecedents are enough for the robot to say " Danger Will Robinson,Fake Approaching"

However I sent her a friendly email and said if Camden would like to redeem themselves call up The Department Of Box Tickers and have them house me,I saw Ted Knight do it in Lambeth back in the 80's.

In some ways back in The Peoples Popular Republic Of Lambeth in the 80,s Ted was as mad as a hatter,however he was a Gentleman and he cared.

All the Mayor of Camden had to do is pick up a phone,living in a council flat in Camden would be grim but not as grim as living on the streets of Paris.

She did not do that,what a fucking disgusting woman Jenny Headlam-Wells the Mayor of Camden is.

I grew up in N6,The London I knew and loved has long gone,it has become a vulgar and self obsessed place.

This is the world we live in,I want no part of it.

I no longer care about anything apart from the 3 people that have shown me kindness,however if I do get my money back 75% will go direct to the homeless in Paris in 5k chunks.

They have nobody,that fucking sack of shit Macron could not give a fuck about children crying themselves to sleep on the streets of Paris, nor could a fucking toxic carpetbagger Anne Hidalgo  The Mayor of Paris,she has the fucking audacity to call herself a Socialist whilst living like Louie 16TH .

no longer care however 75% of what Gracen stole never belonged to me,morally I would be as depraved as Gracen if I kelp those monies if I got them back.

Those monies would be handed out direct to the homeless,in 5k chunks,no form filling,no bullshit,just take a livescan thumbprint so the same person cannot come twice.

I have almost finished this update one thing that would be funny if it was not so sad,last week I emailed this actor in the UK we do not know each other we only know of each other.

He is a toxic phony,his name is Patrick Stewart a man lacking any vestige of honor and integrity,it would be funny if it was not so sad,Stewart played a Captain in Star Trek that always did the right thing,if that Captain was real I expect he would want to punch out the knavish morally bankrupt buffoon that played him.

This world is wrong,I knew Sir John if he was still alive he would have done the right thing,Sir John was not just a talented actor he was a talented human being.

Sir John had an intrinsic sense of goodness within his heart,he was a Gentleman,his kind are no more they were replaced by morally bankrupt vacuous buffoons like Patrick Stewart.

I watched Titania Pacino's Merchant Of Venice again a few weeks ago,his Shylock was very good,a talented actor,alas not a talented human being.

There is no hope for this world,America has destroyed the planet with her vulgarity and ignorance,think cell biology,America has disseminated her ignorance and vulgarity like mitosis,it is everywhere.

A few weeks ago in France a resistance fighter died at 101,I never knew the man,however I take my hat off to him,he fought for what was right,just and noble,the cowards were doffing their caps to Laval and a depraved Vichy regime.

He got about 3 lines of ink,at the same time 2 idiots with zero talent,2 rap singers that punched each other out at CDG got pages of ink,they are not musicians,George Brassens was a musician as was Edith Piaf.

If it was not for the 101 year old man and people like him all those 2 idiots with zero talent would be singing is Horst Wessel.

I am so very ill,it you wanted DSM drivel,PTSD,however I prefer the words of Sasoon and Owen,I am utterly shell shocked,burned out with a cruelty and depravity that even Kafka could not have penned.

I keep hoping that woman from Idaho will feel some guilt or shame and my Blackberry will go buzz and the will be an email,however that is not a logical hope,she will never feel guilt or shame.

I would not want to know her if she was the last woman in the world,I could not fuck her to save my life,my dick would not work,like expecting a holocaust survivor to be able to fuck The Bitch of Buchenwald.

I just wanted her to feel some guilt and shame and help me,then I coud get the fuck out of Dodge and check into my favorite hotel in Venice.

A few weeks ago I emailed all the Justices on The British Supreme Court,not one of them has a moral backbone,Granted Gracen committed no crime in the UK,however moral outrage at a woman stealing from charity should have no jurisdictional boundaries.

I also emailed every Chief Constable in The UK,they all turned their back on me and The Met,the police in London tried to feed me disinformation.

When I was a kid,the cops in the UK used to help people,they had Dixon Of Dock Green qualities ,long gone,I noticed 2 cops walking down Victoria St with MP5'S and a truck on Whitehall measuring radio active decay that should detect a dirty bomb.

That is London today,when I was a kid most cops in the UK were decent,I will never forget a cop called Brian,after my parents got divorced my adoptive Father moved to a hick town on the edge of the Lake District.

He was an abusive drunk,this was before Tetra Radios,I shouted Brian help me,over VHF as I had barricaded myself into my bedroom,as my adoptive father was drunk and trying to punch me out.

I was 13 or 14,Brian come running to my aid,well actually he came by bicycle,He was a Gentleman,his kind are no more.

He once caught me smoking and handcuffed me to the railings and made me smoke a packet,I feft like being sick,but said can I have another packet.

He was also a scout Master,he would go shopping for little old ladies,he was a real Dixon Of Dock Green.

He would ask what are you doing with The Chief Inspectors Daughter and when I would say fucking her like everybody else he would chuckle,fucking the Chief Inspectors daughter was a right of passage in that hick town.

If Brian was alive today he would have been there for me,Brian was a gentleman,his kind are no more.

He stroked out at 52,he was everything to everybody.

As kids we would tell him we found Lord Lucan,he would play along,let me get my torch lads and my handcuffs,we started a snow ball fight with him and he called in other cops to back him up.

Naughty Boys V Cops,a snow ball fight.

Brian only ever wanted to be a PC and help people,he did not want to be promoted.

He hated P.A.C.E,Fucking paperwork he would say.

Well Brian could teach all the Chief Constables in the UK today a lot about kindness and integrity.Brain cared,he was not just going through the motions.

I could rant and rave for pages about my hatred of Gracen,however I can do it in a concise sentence and show you my hatred in 15 perf.

Imagine a day of begging in the snow in Paris is is so cold,imagine the vile and the vulgar,the self obsessed walking past you locked in consume cycles,imagine eating half a can of dog food you found in a trash can and then crying yourself to sleep under a bridge as Gracen spends my money.

That is my hatred of Gracen,some days it was so cold on the streets begging I would play a loop in my head about ripping Gracen limb from limb then running out of the house and firing blanks at the cops.

The cops would not have waited to see if I was firing blanks they would have assumed I was firing live rounds.

No more Gracen and suicide by cop,however that was my heart,my head knows death is too good for Gracen.

I  want Gracen to rot in jail where it can reflect on all the pain and suffering it has caused me.

If Croesus was alive and well and walked up to me and gave me his riches it cannot fix what Gracen has destroyed within me.

I will never hear a child say Dad,and I will never be able to write like I used to be able to,in the metaphoric sense a real writer needs to believe in fairies in the bottom of the garden and Puff The Magic Dragon.

That fucking abomination Elizabeth Gracen murdered the fairies and Puff that lived in my heart.

I just got a Read Receipt from somebody at The Ministry of justice in Ottawa,Canada,worked well once,a decent country,those days are long gone.

A fucking morally bankrupt idiot in 24 that is dining out on his fathers name,maybe he was not breast fed as a child,his mothers tits were busy as she fucked everybody in the free world apart from Henry Kissenger and a guy that lived with his Mother just outside Edmonton.

In 2002 a dirty cop with The RCMP a Kurt Banse stole 16,000 USD from me,if I had that now I could get off the streets.

Everybody in Canada turned their back on me,a dirty cop,we do not give a fuck,eh.

I expect P.E.T will be spinning in his grave.

I was thinking of the media again today as a chimp from Russia Today was trying to start an email fight,sorry Chris is beyond them.they had the potential to be a decent media outlet.

Awful,no integrity,mindless talking heads,and " experts" they found sitting on bar stools,they do have one chimp that understands economics,but lacks a moral backbone.

They also have a fake called George Galloway,a professional idiot,but on the whole RT is staffed by mindless chimps.

That is the media today,no integrity anymore,I think of the so called Pulitzer Prize the so called holy grail of journalism,who the fuck would want one,who the fuck would want an award handed out by people that lack moral integrity.

The only use I can think of for a Pulitzer t would be heavy enough to throw at Mr Selective Prosecution,Cyrus Vance, a vulgar man that dined out on his fathers name to get elected,his Father was Peanut's Yes Man.

He will  not indict Gracen or ask a Grand Jury to bill it as he is doffing his cap to Clinton,a disgusting man that has no understanding of the moral precepts of law.

I am so disgusted with peoples lack of integrity,psych babble calls it diffusion of responsibility,I call it cowardice and self obsession.

America has infested the fucking planet with ignorance and vulgarity,as for that fucking idiot President Moron AKA Donald The Cracker,I am sure if he took a PCL-R he would be considered to be a sociopath,the man has no honor or integrity.

I do not understand why he is doing Clinton favors,the only power Clinton has to protect Gracen is the power President Moron gives him.

All it can ever be about for me is degrees of functionality and to start working on functioning I need justice and that abomination Elizabeth Gracen in jail.

Lastly after I emailed publishers for the last time I see a lot of Publishers IP'S hitting this site.

Think Balzac's Comedie Humaine meets George Carlin,it will hit the NYT best sellers,people will buy it from the title,to hate me. (God Fuck America) a play on that phonic tick,God Bless America.

As I told that idiot Thomas Rabe that turned it into a Wagner production,I want a 1 million advance,I will not do chat shows or signings and I will not talk crap on Twitter,I doubt Novalis would have done either.

Also I would like a publisher to carry the note on this at prime.


Take the crappy art of the walls and try and write,but I will never be whole and I will never know love,Gracen destroyed the man I was.

I think of love and happy ever after,it is to late for me,I will never know love,2 gold diggers and being drawn to that sack of shit from Idaho.

I will never work in journalism again,I will never act again unless I can do Lear with Sir John or be an English Teacher in The Russian Institute,that is skin put out by a French Company.

All I want to do is close the door,try and finish my book,as for those that failed me I say to you what you have said to me for 15 years,Fuck You.

As for the 3 people that helped me,Jean-Pierre,Carl and Carole,I would march through the gates of hell for you if you needed me.

I am thinking,I met this nice British couple about 15 years older than me,he gave me a nice pork pie,I have been away so long I have almost forgot British food,it was nice it reminded me of happier times

They are lucky they got it right,I got it wrong 3 times and it is now too late for me to get it right.

What could I do now,Basket Case Seeks Basket Case for mutual loathing.

I tend to think Cobweb Clooney has more chance of doing Hamlet than I have of somebody having a moral epiphany.


I have finished tweaking this,anybody I have not reached out to wants to reach out to me,lets go to The Danielli and talk.As for those that failed me I will despise you until the day I die.

This world is utterly fucked,I see today fighting in Kashmir,would it not make more sense to smoke some good weed and fuck each others sisters rather than killing each other.

I want to nail the door closed,be as shallow as Cobweb Clooney and try and finish my book.


Everything below predates this.